More Art — But What Can It Mean?!?

For your Friday entertainment, I bring you two completed pieces, both of which you’ve likely seen in an incomplete state. I can’t say a lot more about them, but I can say that I like how they turned out. The one at the top of this post is titled “Shipment Lost, Report Immediately”, and the one below is “At the Wheel” — though the actual title is longer, I had to shorten it to remove spoiler-y material. You know how we roll.

Shipment Lost was nerve-wracking to complete! I was terrified of all the color and inking work that had to be done — that’s a lot of buildings up in thar! I wasn’t sure if I was going to make my (admittedly self-imposed) deadline. Both of these pieces are destined for my portfolio, which I’ll be taking to the SCBWI Art Director’s Day event in early November for a portfolio review.

As you can see though, I did manage to finish, with time to spare. The coloring was a chaotic mess for 95% of the time, and then all of a sudden it just fell into place. Very rewarding.

At the Wheel was a little more methodical and less uncertain, though no less harrowing for the need to get the lighting balance just right. I think it might be my favorite one of the bunch at the moment. Enjoy them both!

"At the Wheel"

“At the Wheel”

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  1. OMG – That is outrageously awesome!! I’ve never seen any illustration like that before!!! You Are Amazing!!

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