A Little Sun from New Mexico

I’m in the middle of intense, complicated, and often unnerving revisions for my new book,         Unworthy. And the daily ritual of taking the pups for a walk along the wooded Bosque has helped me keep my sanity and courage.

Sunflower and pupRecently, because of all the rain, our trail along the Rio Grande has been invaded by what Tony refers to as the Army of Sunflowers. To my delight, they are slowly marching their way across the flood plain. Today was an especially windy and sparkly-blue-sky day, so I decided to share the sun.

Now back to work for me! Enjoy!




  1. Just beautiful. We will have to Skype when you’re finished with this revision. Good luck!

  2. Sara, I am so excited about your upcoming book and the joint project as well. The Sunflower shot and the one with Kitsu in it brightened up my otherwise-migraine-laden afternoon. Thanks!

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